Below is a list of our Grade 3B Pipe and Drum Corps, our Grade 4B Pipe and Drum Corps and our Committee members. If you are interested in joining the 3B or 4B band, please contact us via Contact/Hire Us.

Our Grade 3B Pipe Corps:

John Ferguson – Pipe Major

William McClymont

Billy Walker

Cameron Sheppard

Sandra Logan

Christopher Bone

Tia McLanaghan

Reece Lyons

Connor Black

Our Grade 3B Drum Corps:

Robert Andrew – Lead Drummer

Craig Sheppard – Snare

Cameron Ferguson – Snare

Matthew Brisbane – Snare

James Bryce – Bass

Carron Andrew – Lead Tenor

Jack Innes – Tenor

Iona Manson – Tenor

Our Grade 4B Pipe Corps:

Davie McLauchlan – Pipe Major

Scott Manson

Callum MacMillan

William Andrew

William Sheils

Beth McMaster

Teagan Harley

Daniel Hewson

Lewis Hay

Keir Martin

Liam Harvey

Susan Andrew

Our Grade 4B Drum Corps:

Roddy Marshall – Lead Drummer

Jamie Lee Boyd – Snare

Jamie Thomson – Snare

Ieuan Harley – Snare

Jack McQueenie – Snare

John Andrew – Bass

Committee Members:

John Ferguson – Chairperson

Karen Harley – Secretary

Robert Andrew – Lead Drummer

William McClymont

David McMaster